Silent Auction, 05/10/2014


 Shippensburg University Concert Choir and Madrigal Singers, 04/12/2014


Safari Supper, 03/02/2014



Knoebels Grove, 06/22/2013



 Organ Builder Bob Carbaugh, 06/02&09/2013 (Discussing the history of the TLC pipe organ)

Antiphonal Construction, 04/04-06/2013


Hershey Handbell Ensemble, 03/24/2013


Oak Grove Concert Choir, 03/22/2013

Essence of Joy choral concert, 01/20/2013 (plus a few pix from the pasta dinner which followed)

 25th Anniversary of First Worship, 01/20/2013 (with Bishop Penrose Hoover)

Winterfest, 01/4-6/2013 (photos courtesy of Linda Romanak)


Pew Refurbishing, 12/27/2012


Christmas Eve, 12/24/2012


Christmas Pageant, 12/16/2012


Alive Alive, 09/28-30/2012 (photos courtesy of Linda Romanak)


Lobster Boil, 08/26/2012


Confirmation, 05/27/2012

Silent Auction, 05/19/2012

Mardi Gras celebration, 02/19/2012

Christmas Eve, 12/24/2011

Christmas Pageant, 12/18/2011

Backyard Bash, 07/13/2011

Silent Auction, 05/21/2011

Oak Grove Concert Choir, 03/29/2011

23rd Anniversary, 01/23/2011

Pet Blessing, 10/03/2010

Backyard Bash, 07/21/2010

Sudanese Worship at Tree of Life

Scenes from Worship

Musical Moments