PostHeaderIcon Arts Committee

Arts Committee Mission Statement

The Arts Committee supports the congregation by gathering and using the artistic gifts of congregants and friends to support the worship and fellowship life of the congregation, service to others, and fundraising efforts.


Activities include working with the Worship Committee to provide decorations for holiday services like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, and to construct altar cloths and banners, overseeing Piecemakers (TLC Quilters), and cooperating with the Fellowship Committee in planning occasional events. Occasionally, the committee supports a crafts table at various local craft shows. They are currently engaged in a prayer shawl ministry.


PostHeaderIcon Christian Education Committee

Christian Education Committee Mission Statement

The Christian Education Committee oversees the Sunday Church School and Vacation Bible School program, supports the daytime adult study group "Faith With Friends", and plans and supports other forms of religious education as offered and needed.


Activities include teacher recruitment and training, choosing and ordering curriculum, providing class materials and supplies, delegating classrooms, organizing the annual Christmas Pageant and VBS Closing Program, setting goals and objectives for religious education at TLC, and supporting a yearly benevolence project through the SCS and VBS.


PostHeaderIcon Evangelism Committee

Evangelism Committee Mission Statement

The Evangelism Committee works to extend the ministry of the congregation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others, supports the hospitality ministry of the congregation, and fosters the incorporation of new members into the congregation.


Activities include organizing a new member/sponsor breakfast and new member picnic, challenging members and committees to welcome visitors and recruit new members for congregational service, taking photographs of new members and displaying them on the New Member Tree, recruiting and training new member sponsors, publicizing church events and worship services through newspaper and other types of media, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere at TLC


PostHeaderIcon Fellowship Committee

Fellowship Committee Mission Statement

The Fellowship Committee serves to promote a sense of community among the congregation's members, neighbors, and friends through planning and holding small and large group fellowship events.


The committee supports a variety of annual events including an Anniversary Celebration (Pasta Celebration), summer fellowship hours, Church Picnic, and Annual Meeting Potluck. It organizes refreshments for other events including the Choir Festival, Confirmation Reception, Intern Cluster gathering, Camperson Meeting, and other events as called upon. It organizes and promotes other occasional events as needed or desired, and maintains the church kitchen, provides paper supplies, and supports other fellowship events organized by other church members and committees.


PostHeaderIcon Finance Committee

Finance Committee Mission Statement

The Finance Committee oversees the financial concerns of the congregation and developing financial management policies on its behalf. It guides the Congregation Council in these matters.


Activities include providing for end-of-year giving statements to the congregation, assembling a proposed budget from committee requests, reviewing monthly financial records, supporting the work of the church treasurer, working with other committees and the Council in interpreting the financial concerns of the congregation, and with the Stewardship Committee in promoting faithful stewardship of our resources.


PostHeaderIcon Information Technology Committee

Information Technology (IT) Committee Mission Statement

The Information Technology (IT) Committee exists to manage, maintain, and provide guidance and direction over the computer systems, software, web page, electronic mail, and Internet presence of the congregation.


Activities include web page development and maintenance, database upkeep, hardware and software installation and support, and any other activities related to the use of information technology within the congregation.


PostHeaderIcon Memorial Endowment Committee

Memorial Endowment Committee Mission Statement

The Memorial Endowment Committee oversees the collection and management of funds contributed to the congregation's Memorial and Endowment Fund as stipulated by the policy statement found in the TLC Policy Manual and elsewhere.


Activities include advising Council and committees as to funds available and how they might be used, providing a monthly financial statement, sending thank you notes for gifts received, notifying family members of gifts given "in honor or memory of," updating the Memorial Book, supporting yearly "second mile" programs as directed by the Council through the TLC Foundation.


PostHeaderIcon Mutual Ministry Committee

Mutual Ministry Committee Mission Statement

The Mutual Ministry Committee serves as a sounding board for the pastors and church staff, guides and directs staff in their ministry to family, congregation, and community; supports them in issues of self care, serves as a liaison between staff and congregations in conflict situations, communicates issues of concern to staff.


With the help of Council and other committees, they help in the development and support of job descriptions. In addition, they provide for annual staff job reviews, meet with staff members as needed, and support the Finance Committee in developing staff salaries.


PostHeaderIcon Property Committee

Property Committee Mission Statement

The Property Committee exists to provide for the maintenance and upkeep of church property and buildings, and to monitor the use of the property by both church members and others.


Activities include organizing maintenance schedules and congregational property workdays, supervising church cleaning, supporting and updating the Building Use Policy, providing for the repair and maintenance of mechanical systems and tools, and providing for cleaning and maintenance supplies.


PostHeaderIcon Social Ministry Committee

Social Ministry Committee Mission Statement

The Social Ministry Committee exists to lead and organize congregational opportunities to extend God's love to others - members, along with neighbors and friends across the world - through good deeds. In that effort the committee mobilizes the congregation to work with other congregations and organizations, and educates our members and friends about social needs, justice issues, and service opportunities.


Activities include monthly gathering of gifts for those in need through the TLC Outreach Box, continuous gathering of boxed and canned food through the Food Pantry Box, special offerings, emergency response offerings, Social Ministry Month, Lutheran World Relief Ingathering, Lutheran World Relief Coffee Project, PennDOT Adopt-a-Highway participation, and many other joint projects with TLC committees and outside organizations to help care for others. In addition, each Christmas they sponsor the Angel Tree Project providing gifts and holiday meals for neighbors and friends in need.


PostHeaderIcon Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Committee Mission Statement

The goal of our stewardship ministry is to help God's people recognize and grow in their relationship with Jesus and have them follow through with the use of the time, talents, and finances God has entrusted to them to accomplish God’s will.


PostHeaderIcon Worship and Music Committee

Worship and Music Committee Mission Statement

The Worship and Music Committee exists to plan and support all services of worship.


The committee selects hymns, determines service settings, plans festival services, chooses and purchases worship supplies, provides for service bulletins, recruits and trains worship assistants, supports the work of our choirs, directors, and accompanists, oversees the sacristy and care of worship instruments, and makes suggestions and offers advice to other committees as it pertains to our congregation's worship. Aside from weekend services, the committee also plans special liturgies (Christmas Eve, Lenten Midweek, Holy Week, etc.) and supports events such as the Choir Festival, as well as other events in which our choirs participate.


PostHeaderIcon Youth Committee

Youth Committee Mission Statement

Tree of Life Youth Ministry is committed to working in partnership with our congregation, synod, and the Church to: help children/youth understand their significant role as members of our community, congregation, and the Church; assist children/youth in strengthening their Christian faith; foster bonds with other children/youth in our congregation; foster bonds between our children/youth and the membership of our congregation; support parents and other adults in their efforts to foster faith and spiritual growth with children/youth; and, promote those Church sponsored activities, events, and organizations that support ministry to young people, i.e., church camps, retreats, service organizations, synodical and Churchwide youth gatherings.


Oversight of TWIGS (3rd-5th graders), Junior(6th-8th graders) and Senior High (9th-12th graders) Youth Fellowship, Confirmation Program, Summer Church Camp, and Senior SCS Class. Traditional events include Easter Egg Painting and Hunt, Easter Breakfast, Spring Canoe Trip, summer church camp, Christmas cookie baking and distribution, participation in synodical retreats ("Alive, Alive" and "Winterfest"), and triennial ELCA National Youth Assembly, and other varied events.


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